Home Warranty Inspection

Builders or sellers generally provide a home warranty of one year, which covers the plumbing and electrical system, interior and exterior, ventilation and structure. This means that if there are any defects in these systems within the warranty period, the expenses of repairs will have to be borne by the seller or the contractor, only if you can prove that it was the seller’s fault. Different states have different standards, and the policy may also vary according from company to company.

Make sure that you always take warranty from your sellers. A warranty is a buyer’s protection. If you purchase a house without any warranty (which is mostly offered for a 12-month period), you will be the one who will be needed to bear all the costs that are thrown at you by the repairman.

The inspectors are often invited for home warranty inspection in the 11th-month. Many prefer opting for professional services over checking it all by themselves.

Now, before the expiry of the warranty, you can call us to inspect your home for defects. It is easy for you to overlook defects and damages, which is why it is important to take home warranty inspection services. We will help you identify defects and prove that it is the seller’s or builder’s fault, and then get them to bear the expenses.

Home Warranty Inspection Company in Kitchener, Ontario

It is , after all, very important to seek external help so as to be sure that your seller or builder are not hiding defects from you. Even if your house has been inspected earlier, you need to ensure that everything is functioning properly, and that you will not have to bear the cost of getting defects fixed after the expiration of the warranty. This is where we step in!

We are an experienced home warranty inspection company based out of Canada, and we take pride in having served hundreds of customers across Kitchener, Ontario. We know all the rules and regulations, and will easily understand what is covered in your policy. What we do is, we give you a detailed report after the inspection which states what needs to be fixed and confirms that the seller is responsible for repairing defects. Based on this report, you can then ask the builder or seller to fix defects.

Our staff is quite professional and experienced, and highly trained to identify defects which you can easily miss. Do you need to get your home warranty inspection done? Call us now to get a no-obligation quote and we will do our best to help you.

Home Warranty Inspection Checklist

Just like a pre-purchase inspection, home warranty inspection is also expected to be extended and thorough.

In the warranty inspection, the inspector starts by examining the exterior of the house. This includes the paint, faults on doors or windows, status of the weep holes, installation of plumbing and electrical systems, and also checks for gaps or cracks for pest intrusion. The roofs are checked for visible flashing or damaged shingles. The inspector makes sure the quality of the foundation is fine, examines the drainage systems, and also ensures the functionality of the garage, if any.

In the interior house inspection, he checks out the drainage and looks for leakages in various spaces in the bathrooms. He thoroughly checks the kitchen installations and looks for sink leakages. The walls, floors, ceiling, outlets, and windows are inspected for damages. The inspector also examines cabinets, light switches, fans, and other significant interior elements of the house. HVAC systems are given proper attention.

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