Inspection Report For Building, House & Property

When buying a brick and mortar property, it pays to know as much as you can about it before signing the cheque. A property inspection report is the easiest way to avoid expensive structural repairs down the line while being assured of a value-for-money purchase.

The easiest way to get your building inspection report is by, obviously, getting a thorough inspection done by professionals. Our inspector at TM Inspections makes sure that no stone is left unturned when examining the property.

Right from the structural damages that could be the poor quality of foundation to the mechanical damages such as faulty wiring or leaking plumbing systems, everything is notified in the reports in detail.

These reports help you make an informed decision about whether you should invest in the property or back out of the deal. You can figure out if you think the repairs and the cost that is attached to them is truly worth it.

TM Inspections provides a detailed property inspection report, purposely written in simple English to be understood by one and all.

Building Inspection Report Ontario – What Does it Cover?

Our building inspection report is comprehensive, which means you don’t need a plumber to check pipes or an electrician to inspect the wiring. We cover just about everything under the roof, from doors and windows to attics, to flooring and drywalling.

Our inspector will start by examining the overall condition and exterior of the house. He will carefully examine the exterior structural components including roofs and doors, installations in the attic, look for evidence of pests and termites in the basements, shape of the kitchen, and every room or space that is available in the house. No room, corner, or space will be spared.

This is what helps us offer you a thorough and well-detailed house inspection report.

A building inspection report outlines problematic areas so that you don’t get into any real estate investment you didn’t sign up for. The report captures issues like rising damp, movement in the walls, cracks in the foundation, leakage in the roof and much more.

If you are looking for a property inspection report that does not hold back, give us a call today!

House Inspection Report Kitchener

Most home buyers dread a leaking basement, and the fear gets doubled when speculations point at the weak foundation. To know for sure, get your prospective property inspected thoroughly by TM Inspections, an Ontario-based company that understands local housing communities better.

Our house inspection report also covers HVAC systems running behind the walls and underneath the floors. Components like these are accessible only with specialised equipment, which is why professional inspection is advisable.

Property Inspection Report

Whether you are buying or selling, our property inspection report works both ways. As a seller, you will know the actual worth of your property along with evidence for strong backing. And as a buyer, you will know how much you should be paying and what needs to be fixed before moving in.

TM Inspections is happy to perform building inspections at a time that suits you, in your presence.

So give us a call or drop an email to arrange property inspection anywhere in Ontario.

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