If you are not maintaining your home properly, the damage will become clear at the time of home inspection. Wood damage, faulty HVAC systems, leaky rooms can hint at major structural problems. That is scary!

But what exactly are the most important tasks that can prevent long term damages? T M Inspections’ experts of home inspection in Ontario have outlined three areas around the house that list top the property inspection report.

Clean Your Gutters

It surely is not the most entertaining task, but it certainly is the most crucial one. Therefore, you must check and gut out your gutters throughout the year to prevent debris from accumulating. If you don’t, it can result in dollars of damages from overflowing water that can spoil your roof. An overflowing gutter can be extremely dangerous in the cold, creating chances of people slipping near the home.

TIP: Take out a few extra minutes and ensure that your gutters remain clean all year round. If there are trees near your gutter, plan to do this more frequently as pine needles can cause frequent gutter clogging. In the case, the ladder makes you queasy, hire a professional.

Calling The Eradicator In A Timely Fashion

When you see a couple of bugs crawling, you will definitely get creeped out and annoyed. If you let the bug problem escalate, it can wreak major damage on your home.

For example, termites can actually put your home’s structural integrity at risk, bringing major repairs in front of you. Powderpost beetles and carpenter ants also damage and create hollow space in the wood where they nest.

TIP: So look out for bugs and hire pest control services.

Regularly Flushing Out Clogs

As homeowners, we all know that keeping plumbing systems running smoothly can help avoid major problems like leaks and water damage. But still, this activity takes a backseat to other ones around the home. This can be a costly mistake. Therefore, you should address small clogs as soon as they pop up.

This means regularly removing the hair build-up in the shower, replacing worn flappers and removing gunk near the toilet valve. You must also check for water spots or puddles underneath your sinks and inside cabinets. Hidden leaks can open up your water rates.

TIP: Pay attention to what is going down your garbage disposal. Fibrous veggies like celery and asparagus can gulp your pricy plumbing system; grease, fat and coffee grounds can congeal and, over time, clog pipes.

If you are able to address these three crucial tasks of your home well, you and your family can enjoy a warm stay, full of fun and joy instead of disasters.

Stay informed this year, from professionals at T M Inspections! Wondering the home inspection cost? Give us a call today!


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