A pre-closing home inspection is a vital step in the home purchasing process to protect your interests. It is an opportunity for the buyers to ensure that the home they are about to buy is sound and secure. This blog explains the importance of pre-closing home inspection and what to expect from it.

Protecting Your Investment

Buying a house is one of the most significant financial investments you will ever make. As a home buyer, you need to conduct a thorough pre-purchase home inspection before signing the dotted line. Why? Because once the deal is closed, the selling party has no obligations to you.

Imagine signing the contract, and then discovering that there are cracks in the foundation, electrical problems, and a roof in drastic need of repair. While everything might look perfect to the untrained eye, it is essential to have a professional to help you draw the complete picture. It can be disheartening for homeowners to invest in a property, only to discover later that there are thousands of dollars required for various issues that need to be addressed.

What To Look For in the Final Walk-Through

Looking things over and taking photos of potential issues can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. It can be exciting and emotional to walk through the house you want to call home. So much so that, it is very easy to overlook certain signs of an unhealthy home. That is why our team of experts at T M Inspections is happy to help. We will readily inspect accessible systems and components including the exterior, roof, plumbing, structure, electrical, heating and air conditioning, insulation and ventilation, and interior.

Don’t be Shy to Review The Paper Trail

Many homeowners receive a report enlisting the work orders of the recently completed work or the repairs made by the seller. Ensure that you double-check the repairs and determine if anything is under warranty in case the problem arises.

Be Present During the Inspection

T M Inspection suggests clients be present at the pre-closing home inspection in Ontario. The pre-closing inspection generally takes place 24 hours before the closing. Because of this, many homeowners feel anxious and overwhelmed, and therefore fail to ask questions or address any concerns. Don’t feel shy; keep a cool head. Our team is highly trained in delivering the perfect home inspection report you require.


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